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Hill Climb

Hill Climb at Ringwood Park MotorSport Complex

Timed events on licenced tracks, strictly one-car-at-a-time, are conducted on a regular basis by MGCC Newcastle (and other clubs).

They suit all types of vehicles, and are held right through from Club Level to State and national Championships. They are great fun requiring intense concentration from a driver for a short period of time. They are quite safe and require a few simple safety items to be fitted to your car – a second bonnet restraint and a fire extinguisher etc.

In a hillclimb the aim is to get to the top of the hill (or the finish line) as fast as possible. The courses are usually short and tight favouring dynamic balance of the vehicle and driving skill.

At our Ringwood Park MotorSport complex, (14km north of Raymond Terrace, just off the Pacific Highway) we have a tight dedicated hillclimb circuit with various layouts ranging from 720 metres to 1330 metres in length. We offer driving training on a number of designated training days each year.


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