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Getting Started

  1. To become an MG Car Club Newcastle Member visit the Membership page
  2. Apply for a CAMS (Motorsport Australia) L2S Speed Licence and enter all your personal and car details within Motorsport Australia Event Entry including your MGCCN Membership Number and Motorsport Australia Licence Number.
  3. For Speed Events the following will be a requirement to enter a speed event: Australian Standard Competition Racing Helmet , Suitable Non-Flammable Shoes and Clothing, Racing Suit, 1KG Fire Extinguisher to AS 1841.5 installed within the cabin at an accessible location.
  4. Reserved Numbers:  to look at the current list, see below > apply for a vacant Ringwood car number > note the specification of the racing number > request confirmation via John Garroway
  5. We strongly recommend that you attend a members club night, not only to make new friends, but to gain more knowledge of Motorsport
  6. Install a blue triangle to be fixed to the car to indicate the battery location.
  7. Install a Motorsport Australia approved four point seat harness this may not be required for certain classes check with Scrutineers.
  8. Familiarise yourself with Motorsport Australia Event Entry process ensure all of your personal and car details are current within Motorsport Australia Event Entry CEE select your MGCCN Hillclimb class please read the Event Supplementary Regulations via the club website and for information about the Competition Classes and the allowable modifications for your car, see below.
  9. Visit the Calendar page to see upcoming events Motorsport Australia event entry > Pre enter the event > payment procedure > print receipt
  10. Arrive at Ringwood Motor Sport Park at 7.30am on Competition Day, visit the Secretaries Office produce your MGCCN Club Membership Card and Motorsport Australia Licence Card ,receive your Scrutineering Form, present your car at the Scrutineering Bay for a Safety Check ,and verify your class with the Scrutineers
  11. Attend the Drivers Briefing at 8.45am
  12. Please feel free to ask any member any questions you may have, we want you to feel welcome at any MG Car Club Event.
  13. We do encourage members to be active within the club attending Motorsport Australia Training Courses, is very beneficial in obtaining accreditation with the smooth running of club events.