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Anyone of good character with an interest in cars.
No! While we have a lot of MGs in our Club, as you would expect, we have lots of members who own other sorts of cars.
We meet on the second Friday of every month at our Cobby Street, Shortland, premises.

You have to join a CAMS (Motorsport Australia) affiliated club, like Newcastle MG Car Club.

You have to get a CAMS (Motorsport Australia) competition licence – it costs under $170 for a full 12 months. A Licence for Juniors 12 to 18 years is $35

Then you have to have a crash helmet that meets standards, leather shoes and long sleeve cotton shirt and long cotton trousers. This is the minimum standard for “speed events”. You also need a fire extinguisher in a metal bracket that the driver can reach from his seat. And a safe car!

For motorkhanas you don’t need anything more than a safe car.

That depends on the event.

You have to be at least 12 years of age to compete in motorkhanas and khanacross and 14 years to compete in speed events such as Hill Climb.

A lot! Take a look at our Events calendar on this site to get a small view of the social and sporting events we host. For those interesting in just running an historic or cherished car to those wanting to participate in motor sport, there is something for you. Motorkhanaskhanacrosshillclimbs, road touring events and supersprints.